Soul to Sole: On Foot Worship, Disability, & Desire

by Jade T Perry – Read by Candace Simpson


by Aurora Levins Morales


by Rise (Nerissa Osby)

A drawing of a person with a prosthetic leg kissing a person in a wheelchair.
Art by ET Russian

A blue, sketched marker drawing of a femme person with bold, arched brows, and teased, wavy hair pinned back behind the ears. They are adorned with a big hooped earring, a dress with puffed cap sleeves, and their prosthetic leg peaking out beneath the hem of their dress. They are romantically and passionately holding the neck, and straddling a person in a wheelchair, with their leg hiked up near the wheel. The person in the wheelchair has long straight hair, with their ear poking out just beneath where the person that’s kissing them grips the back of their head. They are wearing a long sleeved sweater with a fuzzy trim along the back, that seems to have fallen slightly off their shoulder. They are gripping and fondling the breasts, of the femme across their lap. Both of their eyes are closed, and they are leaning into the feelings and spark of the kiss.


by Janice “Sunshine” Harris

Rebellious Daughter In The First Year Of Pandemic

By Nic

Dating Someone With PTSD, Depression, and Anxiety: A Beginner’s Guide

By Vita

After; Sick Femme Love Liberation; Knowing

by Aaron Ambrose

Title Needed

by Zuriel Biran aka Zebulon B. Hurst

Flashes; Mine

by Dasom Nah

Letters to My Joints & Letters to My Body

By Callie Ryan

Fucking Our Humanity Into Us”

by darien RW

Three Ways Kink Helps Me Access Fulfilling Sexual Experiences and Relationships As an Autistic Adult

By Stevie Lang

Could We Have Sex With The Lights Off

by Mar León

(I Think We All Just Want Everything To Be Okay). My Existence Is Reckless Behavior.

by Nic