Sex Toys For Disabled Folks

For many disabled people, sex toys are a way for us to have greater access to our bodies and to discover new avenues for pleasure. Sex toys can provide the possibility of many different options for ways of touching and playing with ourselves and our partners.   Sex toys are assistive and can make sex so much more accessible, but because of the cost, sex toys are often not accessible to disabled people who need them.

If you’re a disabled person for whom the cost of a sex toy is inaccessible, please fill out the form below! We will reach out to share what toys are currently available and to schedule an optional, free consultation with a disabled peer. From there, we’ll get you connected with your new toy! 

Image 1: A drawing shows a dark purple flogger, with long and thick tail ends. The handle- or shaft, is light purple and is perfectly bound around the base holding in the butt and the neck. There is a light purple twisted hanging loop rope coming from the base of the handle-or butt. At the end of the tresses are dark magenta curls showing the movement of each of the tail ends. One can almost hear the whipping sounds.

Image 2: A drawing shows a dark purple magic wand vibrator with a dark purple long cord that goes in swirls around the toy and off frame. The background is light magenta. The handle of the wand has light purple plus and minus buttons on the top right side. The head of the toy has magenta lines curved around the outside showing the deep rumbly vibration this toy possesses.

Image 3: A drawing shows a light lavender rabbit vibrator with light pink and dark purple buttons on a light magenta background. The tip of the dildo and the rabbit ears are both dripping with light purple. There are sparkles where the drips drip down to the base of the toy.

We are so grateful to be working with Early to Bed, Good for Her, and Spectrum Boutique, and Fun Factory to provide a small inventory of sex toys and sex assistive devices!  If you are a vendor and you would like to donate toys to this initiative, please send us an email!