Rebellious Daughter In The First Year Of Pandemic

by Nic Rebellious daughter in first year of pandemic: Radical daughter disobeys parents’ wishes.  Shows their tits on the Internet.  Elopes with two princesses and a princexx.  Orders men’s clothing.  Adorns their body with custom gold-plated jewelry:  Adventure yields the underwater treasure.  Daughter died drowning in a past life. Singalong daughter was gifted air byContinue reading “Rebellious Daughter In The First Year Of Pandemic”


by Janice “Sunshine” Harris Words are taken for grantedThrown into the atmosphereAnnunciation is cast-offWithout a care of who can hear ​ To articulate a joke at the right timeWithout an awkward pauseHow I long to express my emotions for youAt the time when they are actually true ​ A funny idea, insightful observation or a, fleetingContinue reading “Communication”


by Aurora Levins Morales I settle into the bed of passive sex like a leaf descending to the bottom of a pond, all of me liquid, languid, slow, luminous, still.  Once I was tigerish, licking, biting, pouncing, growling, tumbling, arched, riding the springy ribcages and hips of lovers I could climb on.  Now I have sexContinue reading “DRIFTING TO BOTTOM”

After; Sick Femme Love Liberation; Knowing

by Aaron Ambrose AFTER an early summer morning of deeply hot sexlying limp and sweaty on the bed staring at the ceilingwhile my lover fetched tea and toasttoppedwith high country choke cherry blackberry raspberry darkest purple preservesi thought of the swallows in the mountainsthe path of their flighthow i’d stand in the pasture look upContinue reading “After; Sick Femme Love Liberation; Knowing”

Three Ways Kink Helps Me Access Fulfilling Sexual Experiences and Relationships As an Autistic Adult

By Stevie Lang As an Autistic person, the way I do most things tends to be a little different from the ‘norm’ and true to form, my sexual interests and desires have always been somewhat, unusual. ​ BDSM (an acronym meaning bondage and discipline, domination and submission, sadism and masochism) is one of my mostContinue reading “Three Ways Kink Helps Me Access Fulfilling Sexual Experiences and Relationships As an Autistic Adult”

Flashes; Mine

by Dasom Nah in october breath shatters silence morning fog envelops my body parched leaves on my skin open their mouths to a cloud of dew. light from small window swings low talking through a dream. skin imprints a voice tells me how to move memories scratch at my brain little rats. empty hollow inContinue reading “Flashes; Mine”

(I Think We All Just Want Everything To Be Okay). My Existence Is Reckless Behavior.

by Nic (I think we all just want everything to be okay). My existence is reckless behavior. Gentle gaze, honest lips, certain hands: it could get me killed. If they clock me first. Or if I fall for the traps. Fuck the suffering. I’ll fuck who the fuck I want, wear what the fuck IContinue reading “(I Think We All Just Want Everything To Be Okay). My Existence Is Reckless Behavior.”

Title Needed

by Zuriel Biran aka Zebulon B. Hurst she asks me  “are you lonely?” and there you are, unbidden the proud ridge of your nose your strong brow it’s almost like you never left how could you be gone when the cadence of your speech with its silences + slow breathiness is just beneath the surfaceContinue reading “Title Needed”


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