Disabled Parts is a growing archive of poetry, stories, photos and art about sexuality and intimacy, featuring disabled voices. We move past the question of “what is disabled sex?”  and seek to build understanding and deepen connection with our bodies, ourselves, and each other.

This site is a place for sex positive information and for uplifting the experiences of disabled people in regards to their unique and varied sexualities.  We believe that all disabled people have a right to pleasure on their own terms!  Sexuality and disability both exist on a spectrum, and can change and evolve at any moment. We are here to uplift disabled people as whole, complex, and powerful.  

We define pleasure and sex broadly; we move beyond mainstream and heteronormative ideas about sex, which tend to center genitals and orgasm and which focus on only a few specific sex acts which may not be accessible or even desirable for everyone.  Sex and pleasure look different for everyone, and everyone deserves pleasure that works for them.

Disabled sex is creative, vulnerable and expansive. It centers access, communication, consent, and flexibility. It values and honors the uniqueness of our varied bodies and minds.

We will not provide resources for parents or care providers who wish to discourage disabled young people from exploring their bodies and their sexual desires.  We believe that providing accessible sexuality education creates greater safety, autonomy, and possibility for all people, disabled or not.

All of the creators and contributors to this site are disabled people.  Here, we will center disabled experiences and seek to create a space that affirms and supports disabled people. We seek to center and uplift queer and trans disabled people who are BIPOC, in particular. Disability Justice has taught us that we must take the lead from those most impacted by racism, ableism, and colonization. We also know that disability is not a monolith!  We acknowledge that this site can not speak fully to the wide range of disabilities, and that it must be a growing archive of voices.    

We owe gratitude to the queer, disabled leaders and writers who have been doing the work of Disability Justice and disabled sexual wholeness and liberation for years.  Follow and support the work of Patty Berne, Leah Lakshmi Piepzna Samarasinha, Aurora Levins Morales, Imani Barbarin, Neve Be.  Our resources page has more links to other revolutionary disabled writers and advocates. 

We welcome non-disabled partners, friends, and allies to interact with everything here- listening to disabled perspectives is a great way to become a better ally. We also invite allies to consider their own needs in regards to sex, intimacy, and relationships. This can make you a better ally and a better partner.  Knowing and being able to safely share our needs and desires will allow us all to move with the pace and comfort of our bodies and minds at the center. 

Thank you for being here