by Janice “Sunshine” Harris

Words are taken for granted
Thrown into the atmosphere
Annunciation is cast-off
Without a care of who can hear

To articulate a joke at the right time
Without an awkward pause
How I long to express my emotions for you
At the time when they are actually true

A funny idea, insightful observation or a, fleeting fantasy
They all want to shine while they’re still fresh in my mind

Janice Harris

But all of my friends call me Sunshine

When I was 8 years old I nearly drowned at a family reunion resulting in not being able to walk or talk. I use a phone to communicate and a power wheelchair to get around.

When the world isn’t shutdown I enjoy exploring Chicago going to concerts, museums and plays. 

I’m now 39 years old and I am a graphic designer and a personal assistant to K-Love the Poet who is voicing my poem called Communication. I wrote this to poem express my frustration about not being able to talk.

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