After; Sick Femme Love Liberation; Knowing

by Aaron Ambrose


an early summer morning of deeply hot sex
lying limp and sweaty on the bed staring at the ceiling
while my lover fetched tea and toast
with high country choke cherry blackberry raspberry darkest purple preserves
i thought of the swallows in the mountains
the path of their flight
how i’d stand in the pasture look up to the sky get lost in their swirling dipping circles
their deep blue wings and golden bellies
i could smell the air the trees
could feel the open space in my chest
i could feel the mountains
in my chest this lover brings me swallows in flight
tears streaming like a slow breeze
memories touched in my belly
made golden
made deep blue circles of light
with tea and toast
spread thick with sweet purple fruit


show me your pain
hold it up to the light of my own
let them touch
lean linger
love the familiar bones of honesty
the world hits hard
breaks bruises and terrifies
delights in our masks of able
while we drown
wearing down our bones to sea glass
so let’s gather up our sea glass survival
spill all the well worn translucent remains
out onto the kitchen table between us
and weep salt
in our knowing
no masks


when I allow myself the animal

sadness the ocean deep sobbing

the low moan to holler with my knees to my chest

mouth open toward the sky

I’m catching myself in my own embrace

a crip love song

a sink and retrieve

where once again I’m all I’ve got

but for a slow falling minute

that is only

a beautiful thing

Aaron Ambrose

author of Worn Out Gorgeous

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