Flashes; Mine

by Dasom Nah

in october

breath shatters silence

morning fog envelops my body

parched leaves on my skin open their mouths to

a cloud of dew.


from small window swings low

talking through a dream.

skin imprints

a voice

tells me how to move

memories scratch at my brain

little rats.

empty hollow in my stomach grows


limbs replay learned helplessness

waiting for survival in surrender

i am twenty five twenty


traveling down the river of time

in the boat of my bed

sleeves full of tears.

sweet tears

run down my open palm

soothe the beast

till i start kissing away wetness off my hands

in october

i hold smallness of a lone embrace

learn to waltz

down this hill i climbed in awakening

every morning i dance

December 2020

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