by Nic

Rebellious daughter in first year of pandemic:

Radical daughter disobeys parents’ wishes. 

Shows their tits on the Internet. 

Elopes with two princesses and a princexx. 

Orders men’s clothing. 

Adorns their body with custom gold-plated jewelry: 

Adventure yields the underwater treasure. 

Daughter died drowning in a past life.

Singalong daughter was gifted air by the makers:

 Friends fall in love when they sing.

Daughter dreamt of being in a boy band. 

Now she’s a pop star. 

Now he’s trans. 

Outlaw daughter is doing just fine. 

Anxiety daughter makes everybody sick. 

Bloodline curdles with a violence that refuses to end. 

Daughter grows a name.

As a child, 

he’d pack his bags to play make-believe runaway from home. 

They use all pronouns as an adult. 

The freewrite turns into the author’s shadow. 

The writer looks back with their thumbs tapping a screen. 

Artist archives what nobody remembers. 

Only the real ones believe. 

The only ones who don’t believe still call them daughter.

They don’t want anything they don’t already know. 

And they don’t know me.

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